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Jan 1, 2013 10:00am EST
reactive, fizzled away. what is my view? you know, i saw what happened in oakland with occupy --occ upy's problem is they understood consensus to a default, the degradation of the democratic dogma, and then they could not come up with a mature way to deal with creating discourse in their ranks. to do that, you have to concede there is such a thing as hierarchy, and it is not necessarily the feminists, patriarchal, or evil. >> it is a massive gathering with a spontaneous order. you will out of a crowd of the right conditions are present get rules and order, and despite its size and different location, it is very well run. there are enormous, practical laws on the ground. >> that is what we do. >> i do not know if anyone wants to raise their hands, -- >> we built a temporary city in the desert. it has all the -- anything any normal city would provide. our event is known -- i have seen the literature around that we are radical. it is kind of radical, radical in a different sense of that term. radical means pushing boundaries, going beyond normal categories. the thing about how it is used,
Jan 14, 2013 5:00pm EST
in chicago. or cleveland. not one in oakland, california. not one in any more towns, in any city, in any school, in any theater or in any place of worship new york any mall or in any of our neighborhoods. we have an obligation to our children to ensure that newtown marks a turning point that made us finally say enough is enough. we must come together to build an america where our children do not have to live in fear and where they do have a future. last week, i was at an event in my district in west oakland. it was the unveiling of a mural, painted by several talented young artists. this tree of life mural deticketed the hope and faith that my young people have for a future without violence. yet they've seen and experienced so much gun violence in their communities throughout their young lives, just over the weekend, 11 people were tragically shot in my congressional district. too many of my constituents have been affected by gun violent. have pleaded for help in protecting their children from the horrors of gun violence only to see the status quo continue at the federal level. mr. speak
Jan 17, 2013 10:00am EST
in aurora and portland and littleton and blacksburg, oakland and tucson. all across our country. so we see the loss of life every day from gun violence all across this nation. after the unthinkable tranldy in newtown, president obama spoke to the country and he asked us, are we doing enough to protect our children? the answer he admitted is no. and that must change. that is why we are here today. today's hearing we'll hear from people who deal with the effects of gun violence every day. the wide range of experience and expertise from these panelists will facilitate a discussion on the common sense and constructive steps we must take to ensure these sorts of tragedies will never happen again. i have a letter from the teachers of newtown which i will enter into the record, but i will just share with you one sentence, and it reads, in our schools we need to strike the right balance to ensure that schools are nurturing while also safe. and we need to strike the right balance so that schools do not become armed for tresses -- fortresses where kids aren't able to be kids. the voice of educators
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)